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Friday, November 16, 2012

How to calm the “yips”

The recent win by golfer Charlie Beljan in a PGA to tour event which qualified him for the full tour received extra notice because Beljan spent a night in the hospital between rounds to deal with the extreme anxiety he was experiencing on the course. The golf press remarked that he came back from the hospital, overcame his nerves, without using banned performance calming (or enhancing) medicines and still won the event.
The victory prompted New York Times sports writer Larry Pennington to discuss the mental side of golf and other sports and how to overcome nerves, aka, the “yips” 

At CommCore we often work with speakers who suffer from everything from nervousness , to anxiety, to absolute fear of speaking in public. Depending on what survey you like public speaking is considered one of the leading fears of humans.

We also have been asked whether a beta blocker drug – which lowers blood pressure and generally calms down a person with anxiety – is a good idea for a speaker who is extremely nervous.  We’re not medical doctors, just speech doctors, and don’t usually recommend prescription drugs for nerves.  The edge that a drug can take off the nerves, might be the edge that’s necessary to communicate the passion and conviction in a speech or presentation.

What we do recommend for those who get nervous are practice, practice, practice, along with physical and breathing exercises to deal with nerves and anxiety.  The more comfortable  you are in the situation, the better the speech will go. 

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"Spirited" Marketing

 Spirit Airlines sent me this email coupon today playing off the controversy involving David Petraeus, General John Allen and others.

Wow. You would think that only a few months removed from their firestorm over refusing a refund to a dying veteran, Spirit would hold the line on this type of promotion.  But that's not how they roll.  Spirit is like Family Guy when it comes to marketing...nothing is off limits.   Both parody everything from oil spills to elections.

I'm not sure that most of our CommCore clients would go that far to generate publicity...but it works for Spirit.  Their business continues to climb.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Will Tesla Motors keep their customers plugged in?


Motor Trend just named the Tesla-S  "Car of the Year"...one of the most coveted prizes in the auto industry.  What makes this interesting is that Tesla is the first all-electric car to win the award and the first unanimous choice for this yearly honor.
For a young company, this is clearly great news.  In looking how social media is following the award, Google Trends shows that web search interest jumped to the peak level in the last couple of days.  Simplymeasured.com tells us that Tesla's 130k+ Facebook fans are  also growing and engaging at a rapid level as well.  Now it's up to the company to continue to reach out to their new followers and friends.

The true measure of success is how this activity will convert into vehicle sales.  Its stock price bumped  up  only a little from the announcement.  At CommCore, we advise our clients that regardless of the communications avenue used to engage the customer (social or mainstream media), the key is creating sticky messages to tell the right story.  In this case, the Motor Trend award is a great headline to talk about the car's unique features and to tell specific customer stories of Tesla's speed and range.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Administrative Assistant Position Available - Washington DC Office

CommCore is seeking a permanent full-time Administrative Assistant to support the executive team and professional staff members.

The ideal candidate must be: extremely detail oriented; possess strong time management and organizational skills, able to multitask in a rapidly moving environment, and team player with initiative and energy.  Office experience, college degree, social media experience, and proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel preferred. 

Primary responsibilities: phones, travel, schedule, general administrative support such as mailing, shipping, photocopies, filing, maintain office supplies, meeting planning, maintaining company database in salesforce.com and research.

Salary: Negotiable. Excellent benefit package. Potential for performance bonus.

Please visit our website to learn about the company.

We specialize in:
  • Communications Training for Media Interviews, Presentations & Testimony
  • Message Development
  • Communications Strategy
  • Crisis Planning & Response
  • Public Relations
Our office is located in downtown NW Washington DC.  To apply, please email your resume, cover letter and salary history to adoman@commcoreconsulting.com

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